We Are Healthcare Real Estate Experts

Catalyst Healthcare Real Estate is one of the nation’s fastest growing healthcare real estate development firms. As a full-service national developer, our team of experts provide 100% of our development and acquisitions services on an in-house basis. With an exclusive focus on healthcare, Catalyst develops real estate for integrated health systems, physician groups, academic medical systems, and hospitals.

Our Purpose


Better Access

In the new era of healthcare delivery, Better Access is key- Access to care for patients, Access to evidence-based data for decision makers, and Access to capital for strategic partners.


Quality Outcomes

Healthcare strives for quality in all facets which is why strive for the same. We are committed to providing Quality Outcomes through planning, creating, optimizing, and managing healthcare real estate.


Lasting Relationships

Lasting Relationships encompasses everything we believe in and speaks to our culture. As a relationship-driven organization, we are focused on providing value-added solutions and ongoing collaboration. We invest in establishing Lasting Relationships that develop into lifelong partnerships.

Our Key Leadership

Catalyst Healthcare Real Estate has built a team with over 100 years of combined experience in healthcare real estate that enables us to understand our client needs, no matter how unique. As a result, we can help our clients understand how to control costs, improve access, retain clinicians, and improve care quality.