Concept Level Site Planning

Concept level site plans are designed following the complete understanding of our client’s needs and business strategy. Upon gathering the required data, Catalyst works with the selected architects and planners to produce the site plan and renderings to move the project from concept to reality.

Project Site Planning and Approval

Catalyst understands the importance of proper site planning and the associated risks. These risks are mitigated by utilizing our in-house professionals to work closely with the Project Architect, the Civil, and Geotechnical Engineers to create the master site plan appropriate for the existing property condition, as well as the preferred construction materials and design elevations.

Site Engineering and Permitting

Site engineering and permitting is accomplished by working with the approved Engineers and General Contractor to ensure project objectives are realized most efficiently. Permitting can potentially affect the construction schedule and the ultimate success of a project; therefore, the process is closely managed by our experienced team.

Programming, Design, Scope, and Budget Alignment

Project programming, design, scope and budget alignment are portions of the development process that require detailed collaboration from many disciplines. By implementing a qualification-based selection process, Catalyst can operate as one team while outsourcing elements of the process that are more economically completed by other firms.

Design Management Services

Catalyst provides the following technical and professional services as the design manager for each of its projects:

  • Conceptional Design

  • Program Development

  • Value Engineering (VE)

  • Quality Control

  • Site Plans/Master Plans

Construction Management Services

Catalyst provides all construction management services on an in-house basis. Although we have a certified general contractor leading our development team, we outsource the general contractor responsibilities to maintain a focus on the overall development process. The selection of a general contractor is finalized with approval from the client.